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NOH8 and FCKH8.

January 29, 2011

And now I give my American LGBT support PSA’s.

The NOH8 Campaign was one of the first LGBT support group/campaign to catch my eye. Adam Bouska and his partner Jeff Parshley created NOH8, which involves a series of portraits of men and women of all sexualities with their mouths duct taped and the logo “NOH8” painted on their cheeks. The taped mouths represents the fact that the LGBTQIA community has been silenced by society. Occasionally, you can find a portrait of a person ripping off the tape such as Hal Sparks. In my opinion, this shows that we are silenced, but we will and are fighting back. Here’s the PSA:

We all know the Sassy Gay Friend and his “rescues” in Shakespeare plays and old stories. Well this time he wants to rescue all of those who are struggling dearly with homophobia. Here is his “It Gets Better” video :

FCKH8 is a strong-worded organization trying to fight for same-sex marriage. Selling shirts and pins, they raise money for their cause. I, myself, own a T-Shirt from them that says “Some Dudes Marry Dudes. Get Over It.” and a pin that says “FCKH8.” Buy yours today here. Here’s their powerful (and hot) message.:

Go to and you will also see their campaign against bullying. You will also see a video featuring straight men (or should I say, str8 men) taking it off for the STR8 Against H8 calendar for 2011.

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