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February 4, 2011

Of the few comments that I receive on my blog, I occasionally get homophobic comments. As I believe, that everyone has a right to express his or her own opinion, I allow them to be posted (even though I do look over them for a while before approving of them). But before anyone else posts a comment, let’s keep these points in mind:

  1. While I support the freedom to argue, it might not be the best idea to post on an LGBT blog your homophobic comments. There’s a difference between homophobic comments and comments that question something relating to LGBTQIA.
  2. Do not be shy to post comments on my blog. If you don’t want to post on the blog you can always email me at or fill out the Contact Form.Also, I won’t reply to comments on my posts by making another comment. I leave that part to you guys, the readers. If you see a comment you don’t like, comment back, or let me know. I will respond to all emails. If there is a comment that really catches my eye, I’ll post it in another blog post like I will in the next post.

Okay, well those are my post guidelines that I thought should be pointed out. So feel free to comment on any post by clicking on the link on the bottom of every post that says “Leave A Comment”

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