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Forgotten Post of Year 2: #2

February 11, 2011

This one makes me giggle :-):

I was driving home from work today (August 10, 2010) singing “Jar of Hearts” by the talented Christina Perri with my windows down. I approached a red light and got to the chorus,

“who do you think you are/ running around leaving scars/ collecting your Jar of Hearts/ tearing love apart?”

A convertible with an older couple stopped beside me at the red light just to hear me begin the chorus, and the man in the woman-man couple looked at me as if I was asking him those said questions. Perhaps my radio was on too loud.

It’s strange looking back at these posts because they are usually based off of memories that are now faint in my mind. When I think of the couple all I can think of is Fabio and these women who sat next to him while riding Apollo’s Chariot in Busch Gardens Europe. Perhaps I felt the need to wish harm onto the man for staring at me while I was singing, but I’m pretty sure that he was only trying to figure out what I was saying.

How does picturing Fabio in a roller coaster ride in Virginia pose as wishing harm onto someone? Well in March 30, 1999 (3 days after the roller coaster opened), Fabio rode Apollo’s Chariot with its 210 foot drop. On the way down from that high drop, Fabio had the misfortune of colliding with a goose at 73 miles per hour. It’s really weird. That’s all I can say.

Here’s the video:

I love how the people on the ride barely seem to be phased by the incident when the ride returns to the station. How is it that only Fabio is hit? I mean, of all the people on the ride, it’s he who gets rammed? Apparently he was supposed to attend a media event afterwards but decided to head on back to California.

The ride reopened 15 minutes after the incident….

I didn’t think I’d have so much fun with this post, but I did.

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  1. February 21, 2011 5:22 pm

    as if!

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