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Forgotten Post of Year 2: #3

February 12, 2011

The post was titled: “Why I don’t Hate People”

We are mean until we are in need of comfort….

Yep. That’s all I wrote, but I remember why I wrote it. I was watching season two of ABC Family’s Greek where the main female protagonist and female antagonist began a season-long (that means business) rivalry. In the episode I was watching, the antagonist was hurt by something completely unrelated to the rivalry and the only thing the protagonist could feel was sympathy. That is kind of the theme throughout the series, that in the end, after all of the fighting, we all want to be loved. Now that’s not exactly the reason why I don’t hate people—I don’t hate people because it takes too much unnecessary energy—but it is a nice notion to bring up. People only do the things that they do because they believe it’s right; they don’t hurt people solely for the sake of hurting.

So I’ve said this time and time again: I can’t hate people. I also understand that I can’t change people, but perhaps I can enlighten them with these occasional anti-hate posts.

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