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February 14, 2011

As promised, here’s the post that would have been posted yesterday. Unfortunately there are no more unpublished drafts prepared for the rest of the Birthweek. However, upon thinking about what to write about, I came across an interesting fact that wasn’t necessarily true last Birthweek.

I was thinking about next week and I asked myself “Would I remember the date of next year’s Birthweek without a calendar or referring to the previous Birthweek posts here?” and “How did I remember the date for this year?” Well other than the fact that it’s a yearly event, I recalled the one unifying factor. Eight. I explained last year how the number 8 turned sideways resembles the infinity sign. So the 8th of February felt like more than just a coincidence. But I realized, today, that this is the first (of only two years) year with the name Infinite Vertices. What really caught my eye, though, is that Infinite and Vertices both consist of 8 letters.

I realize that this post has nothing to do with life or really anything too pressing, but it’s about the blog and it is the blog’s Birthweek, so let’s let it have its moment.

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