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Valentine’s Day is Everyone’s Day

February 14, 2011

Today, Valentine’s Day, marks the end of the Infinite Vertices Birthweek. Valentine’s Day receives mixed reviews. Many people love (hehe) Valentine’s Day while the same amount of people see it as a big Hallmark holiday full of disappointment. Now I can’t tell you how I felt about the previous 4 Valentine’s Days because I barely remember them, but this year I was quite happy.

I was up until 3am this morning working on my French and Ear Training homework. The ear training homework was to listen to one minute of a violin quartet and write out the notes and rhythm by ear; hence “Ear” training. It was extremely time-consuming, but whenever I spend a long time writing out notes on paper, I get really excited. I’ve turned a bunch of my Music Theory and Ear Training assignments into ringtones. But enough about my music life.

After feeling excited about my ear training homework, I managed to wake up at 8 even though my first class was canceled. A sorority sister was having trouble sending a bid to a new pledge member so she asked me to deliver it. In honor of Valentine’s Day, the sorority chose to make the bid in the form of a Valentine. It was amazing how many people looked my way with smiles or confusion.

Even people whom which I began to like saw the Valentine. It upset me a little because people were getting the wrong impression that I was delivering a Valentine to my special someone or that my special someone delivered me the Valentine in my hand. Nonetheless, I delivered the bid and moved on to lunch, where a cute boy gave me a chocolate heart. I’m not even going to be discreet about this; I would be flattered, even honored, if that guy reads this post.

It was dark chocolate. I hate dark chocolate.

Writing those last two sentences reminds me of all of the Dark Chocolate posts that I posted about my crushes in high school.

But I literally don’t like dark chocolate, but I ate the chocolate and felt completely satisfied. Perhaps it was because a cute guy gave it to me on Valentine’s Day—I don’t know. Other than that chocolate and some “Happy Valentine’s Day”s, I received no actual Valentine, but I couldn’t have been happier.

The key to days like Valentine’s Day is to either A: lower your expectations; or B: make everything seem like your expectations. In other words if you wished for a Valentine and all that you received was a piece of chocolate, make the best out of it. See the best in life and you will feel rewarded.

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