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Little Disclaimer #3

February 28, 2011

My original intention was to write about Pandora Radio the same way I wrote about Windows 7 in “‘Really,’ Windows?” and Internet TV in “My Internet, TV, and Real Life are Separate!,” but I decided to post a small comment about it on Facebook.

Um. Pandora, why do you exist? I should blog about this. It really upsets me.


and maybe it shouldn’t upset me, but it rubs me the wrong way.

Apparently that led to 85 more arguing comments saying that I was wrong to say that.  Now it is my intention to vent my frustration and clear something up. There is nothing wrong with posting a comment on Facebook that says I don’t like something, and that I wish it didn’t exist. I would allow and I have allowed homophobic comments to reach my LGBTA blog. We are entitled to our opinions. You can’t come to me and say that I’m trying to change people’s views because I said I didn’t like something via a Facebook message or blog post. I’m not saying you can’t say that you disagree with my statement, but if you argue back, do not get mad if I retaliate. If you didn’t want to suggest a different point of view and have me defend my own, don’t argue.

You don’t have to read my blog if you feel my views are wrong. This blog looks at “Life At Different Angles” so all perspectives and opinions are welcome. Perhaps I have been looking more on the perspective that says that the new technologies of today are pulling us backwards in our social lives. If you feel that way, don’t hesitate to speak out. The argument I had about Pandora Radio led to interesting and valid points. In fact it has also caused me to change my view on something LGBTQI-related. I might  not post that view on my LGBTQIA blog because it would be too controversial, but we’ll (at least I will) cross that bridge when it arrives.

I must say it was a little overwhelming responding to 85 comments from four different people with slightly different views on the subject. So writing this post and talking to my cousin, who thinks I should date one of the girls who was arguing with me (:-/), and practicing my viola has really reduced my stress level. I’ll let the rest of my iTunes library finish the job.

Hi Tchaikovsky. Harry Gregson-Williams, let’s go! (Yes, I’ve established that I’m a music geek).

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