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Michael Edward from West Virginia

March 14, 2011

Do you ever have those moments when you look at a guy and would barely give him a 4/10 on a hotness scale, but then months later you see the same picture and you can’t stop drooling? I’m not saying that I ever thought that this guy wasn’t hot, but I certainly thought much more highly about him after seeing Michael Edward online. Now 31 years old, Michael Edward is an American model from West Virginia. Unfortunately that’s all of the information I have on this boy since his blog has been deleted. So maybe you can create a story for him based on the pictures below.

I guess I only saw a few pictures of him the first time I saw him, because otherwise, I would have seen that there is everything to love about this man. Strange fact, he is my height and weighs only a 2 pounds more than I do, he makes me feel that much more comfortable about my body. Maybe he has some other similarities with me like, say, his sexuality ;-). One can only dream. Be sure to look After the Jump to See even More Pictures of Michael Edward.

(Click the Images to Enlarge).

I don’t think I’ve posted this many photos for just one guy, but this boy is just worth it! In my opinion Mateus Verdelho has some competition.

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