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Chase and his Nasty Habits

March 15, 2011

As a gay blogger I have a group of gay blogs that I constantly follow. One of which is Hunk Du Jour. As you can see, on the sidebar of this blog, there is an updated-daily hunk of the day photo. Hunk Du Jour doesn’t merely pick out a hot man and dub him “Hunk Du Jour;” they nominate six hot men to be voted for by the viewers. I play this game very passionately. If I have no clue who one of the hunks is but I really like him, I research his information (aka look up his photos). Every now and then, you see a recurring face pop up in the nominees list and you debate whether or not you want him to win this time. One of these Hunks is Chase. I had no clue who this guy was so I googled “Chase” and could only find a big bank. So I pulled out my handy-dandy best friend “” (Extremely Helpful in these situations) and tineyed the photo from Hunk Du Jour. It gave me a link that had Chase’s full name in it. Mr. Michael Chase DiMartino. I googled that name, and I was reborn.

Chase, now 24 years old, is an American Sign Language interpreter. You may also know him from his youtube videos. He feels that hearing as well as deaf/hard of hearing people should be able to enjoy the same music. So he went onto youtube and covered a few hit pop songs such as Womanizer, Love Game,  and Hold It Against Me (to name a few) and applied ASL to it. What I find very fascinating about his work is that he turns the sign language into dance moves so it really fits well into the song. Following his song covers, he began writing his own music. He now has his début album “Nasty Habits” featuring his first four singles. And for three of those singles, he has music videos with and without ASL, and I must say they are all incredibly hot! I will tell you right now, that I suddenly have a huge crush on this boy. Unfortunately he already has a boy in mind.  Here’s one of his original singles “Hard Candy” ;-):

And here it is WITH ASL:

Here’s his cover of Britney Spears’s “Hold It Against Me”

Not only are his music, his dancing, his, idea, and his passion hot, but this is one sexy man as well:
(Click the Images to Enlarge)

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