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Buh bye, Snow! Hello, Grass!

April 2, 2011

I know that this hiatus caused me to miss the Vernal Equinox this year. Let me just tell you this: it looked a lot like a Winter Solstice here in upstate New York. There was something about today, however, that really made me notice the seasonal change.

1. We seem to have maintained a steady 40°F+ temperature for the remainder of this week and all of next week.

2. The snow is all gone (again)

3. I decided not to wait in my dorm room from 6am-11:30 for my friends to wake up and eat.

Let’s Sidetrack for a second: One thing I hate is when people ask me why I wake up so early. I wake up early because my body says “I’m not tired anymore. Wake up!”!! There isn’t much more to it. It’s like me asking someone, “Why do you eat food?” Because you are hungry (most of the time)! But that’s enough ranting. Only on the weekends do I wake up so early. During the school week I’m up 5 minutes before class. Fortunately I am a morning person and I always get to my 8:30 classes fairly on time. On the weekends, however, I guess I tell my body that the weekend really is only two days and the second day is cut short due to school the next day. So my body makes the best out of it by waking up early. If it helps, I’m not much of a night person; I pass out easily after noon.

Back to Spring: Because we’re only on  a 14-meal plan, my friends and I only get two meals a day. So we plan out our schedules to eat brunch at 11:30 on the weekends. We call it brunch because my friends wake up at 11am and it is breakfast for them while I’ve been up for hours beforehand so it’s more like lunch to me. Today, however, I began to panic because I had no money and I have been starving all week (we took care of it though). So I went to the dining hall right after it opened and I picked up a job application. Unfortunately not even the dining wakes up as early as I do, so I just waited in front of the doors and looked out the window until it opened. That’s when I noticed the Spring. When you’re cooped up in your room for hours, you don’t always pay attention to the outside, but being next door reminded me of the beautiful weather.

I’m going to stop right here, and post the photos I took from outside the windows of the 18th floor of my dorm. There used to be buds on all of the trees but then it snowed recently so they died. But we have tulips blooming in front of the school of music. Perhaps I’ll post those pictures later. I can’t wait to see more color outside!

(Click the Images to Enlarge)

Sure it seems like a dull Spring morning, but it’s an interesting transition from this:

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