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“Once” Upon a Time

June 16, 2011

John Carney writes and directs a beautiful 2007 musical story of Guy and Girl, “Once”. Many musical films feature famous singers and actors performing well-written music, but only a few of them perform self-written music within the film. Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová star as guy and girl respectively (yes, it took me until the credits to realize that the lead roles had no names). Guy is a starving artist living in Dublin, whose luck and confidence changes when Girl comes into his life. It’s an incredible indie film that won the Oscar for Best Original Song for the song “Falling Slowly“.

There were a couple of aspects about the film that had me thinking twice, including the names of “Girl” and”Guy”. The biggest aspect was the fact that this film was not based off of a true story. Walking into this film, I didn’t know who Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová were. I just knew that they wrote the beautiful duet “Falling Slowly” and that a film had been written featuring that song. When you have this information, you (at least I do) think that the movie is about how this performing group came to writing this song and many others. The fact that the story appeared to be so real (Hansard and Irglová do perform together in real life in the duo group “The Swell Season“) makes this film much more genuine. The dialogue between the characters in this story is so raw and natural that you almost question whether or not this is a documentary. I guess this is what happens when you let raw musicians write the music and play the lead roles in a musical film. How could you go wrong with that?

Don’t hesitate and watch “Once” and witness the beauty of the film. Here’s the trailer:

Visit the “Once” Website for more information.

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