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Bashing Homophobia

August 22, 2011

I hope you know that I never stop blogging even when I’m not blogging on this blog or The Infinite Vertices. I am almost always on my tumblr page. It’s kind of a problem (seeing as it is really easy to click a reblog button as opposed to writing an original post altogether). So I will admit that a lot of the posts on my tumblr page aren’t original content/discoveries, but I have recently started getting into these motivational/expressive banners. There are many different kinds of these banners like “problems of a gay kid,” “homo help,” and my new banner “Bashing Homophobia.” I am constantly making small text posts and facebook status messages that bash homophobia, but no one seems to respond to them. Then I realized that if I made these comments into banners, people would react. Much to my anticipation, that was exactly what happened. I’m starting off slow as some of these banner makers are at post #300 and I am at #12, but it’s a start nonetheless. If you haven’t seen them already on my tumblr page, you can see them all here at my Bashing Homophobia Page. I will also be posting the same posts over on this blog. I also feel as though I should make a self-empowerment banner that will put on all three of my blogs (including The Infinite Vertices) so be on the look out. In the meantime, check out my Bashing Homophobia banners as of last week:

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