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Gorgeous Reminders

November 6, 2011

So I promised you that I would have a new set of banners to post up here in my tweets, and here you go. I started off with the Bashing Homophobia banners for my tumblr page, but then I realized that perhaps promoting a positive view on life would be better than attacking an ignorant view full of fear and hate. Thus came the Gorgeous Reminders. A completely different approach than the Bashing Homophobia banners, the Gorgeous Reminders remind us to stay bold, daring, gorgeous, and, most importantly, ourselves. I can’t answer whether or not there will be any more of the Bashing Homophobia banners, but I plan on having a constant supply of Gorgeous Reminders. I will add, that I have these banners as my desktop images.  They alternate every five minutes and always provide me with a nice reminder that keeps me going through the day.

Thanks to daylight savings, I was able to keep my word and get these in before midnight!

Without further ado, I give you the remainder of the Bashing Homophobia banners along with the Gorgeous Reminders. Enjoy

(Click the images to enlarge)

Gorgeous Reminders:

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