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Jonah Mowry. Inspiring Hope.

December 5, 2011

There are numerous “It Gets Better” videos out there telling those out there who are bullied or considering suicide that there is a brighter future. There are also a good amount of videos involving handwritten monologues that say what the speaker could not find the strength to say aloud. Those videos usually involve the speaker stating all of the negativities in his or her life or involve him or her coming out of the closet. Back in August, a brave boy by the name Jonah Mowry posted a similar video on youtube. It followed the same patterns as all of the other videos of this nature until the very end. He gathers his strength to make one final statement that will inspire hundreds of youtube users to stand up and brave the cruel world we live in:

I’m tired of being torn down and building myself up to only be torn down again. But I’m not going anywhere because I’m stronger than that and I have a million reasons to be here.

~Jonah Mowry

My tears could not be contained at that point. I was afraid that the video was going to end on a dark note like the others had, but his message told me and over 3 million viewers that there is most definitely still hope even for those who have had everything taken from them due to our society. If you go onto youtube right now and type in Jonah Mowry you will see Jonah’s motivating video along with hundreds of video responses from viewers that announce that their lives were changed for the better due to this video.

One of my favorite video responses is of Moises, who said:

It does hurt at times, but we’re too blessed to stress. So keep smiling. I’ve been there bud. We care so therefore we’ll listen.

Another user, Morgan, said

You were wrong about one thing though: You do have friends—lots of them. You just haven’t met us yet. But we’re out here and we support you.

Don’t take your current condition as a foresight of what your future may turn out to be. Your future can only be brighter, but you have to stick around on this planet with us to witness it for yourself. I am incredibly proud of our new generation, helping each other out with these It Gets Better  videos. Nothing makes me happier than see other people happy, and these videos are working to do just that c-:

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