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January 5, 2012

I’m sure you’ve heard of the puzzle/action/adventure video game Portal and its sequel Portal 2. Now I’ve only played the beginning parts of Portal 2 (I’m on chapter 4 or 5), so I only know bits and pieces of the game’s storyline, but I’ll give a stab at it. It seems that a young mute girl by the name Chell (the character you play as in single player mode) wakes up in a massive testing facility with no memory of where she is or how she got there. We don’t know the date, and we only have small clues and hunches as to why there aren’t any other living humans (so far) in the game. There aren’t any humans, but Chell is most definitely not alone in the game. Along with talking turrets who try to make painful deaths by bullets seem cheerful, Chell is accompanied by Wheatley and the malevolent GLaDOS: two super computers who have control over the entire testing facility.

Chell has no idea where she is or why she is there, but she does know that she needs to get out. Wheatley accidentally awakens GLaDOS and she (GLaDOS) sees Chell as a test subject for a huge series of obstacles involving the dual-portal device. It’s not long after that we learn that the only way out is to complete these tests. These tests include avoiding being crushed to death, drowning, being burned by acid, being shot down by turrets, and much more.

Why am I bringing this up? Well shortly after playing this game, I became addicted, and I brought up the idea of turning Portal into a live-action movie to my friend. The plot I had for the movie was similar to Chell’s, however, there would be multiple people, each equipper with his or her own dual-portal device, trapped inside the testing facility trying to get out without dying. (Spoiler Alert: I would have multiple deaths in this film). Although the plot was different, it seemed as though someone already beat me to it. That someone is Dan Trachtenberg. The film, which I’m about to show you, isn’t your typical fan video with weak special effects and mild acting (Interesting choice of adjectives). The dual-portal device is a beautiful replica of the one used in the game and the portals it creates are shockingly identical to those of the game; the way the edges are fiery. I just wish/hope that this film because a full-feature film in the future. Who knows? It just might. The film was uploaded to youtube in August of 2011.

So without further ado, here’s “Portal: No Escape” by Dan Trachtenberg:

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