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A Girl Scout Makes a PSA Against GSUSA’s Acceptance of Transgender Members

January 12, 2012

I watched this video and at first I thought the girl was supporting the transgender community. She quotes how GSUSA is accepting boys who identify as girls and that everything is fine. I keep looking at that statement and I can’t find anything wrong with that. In fact, I am ecstatic! And yet, this girl sees this as a problem that requires action. Everyone has a right to his or her own opinion, however, I feel that I should at least point out some of the many incorrect notions in this video:

  • 1. She argues that Girl Scouts provides an “All Girl Experience.”

If a child identifies as a girl, then that child has not violated that experience; she identifies as a GIRL”

  • 2. She argues that All-Girl groups allow the girls to discuss things that they can’t with boys.

People who identify as girls typically do not identify as boys so they will discuss topics that relate to the gender with which they identify, in this case: girls.

  • 3. She quotes that all-girl groups allow you to “be yourself and who you are, not something that you’re not…”

Transgender people identify as who they are. It may not be the identity you see; it may not be the identity with which they were born, but it’s the identity that they are. Not allowing these children to serve with the Girl Scouts aids in allowing these children to not be who they are far more than allowing them does.

  • 4. She discusses how separate bathroom and sleeping facilities are required for adult males who accompany the group and that a child born a boy and identifying as a girl should have to sleep in a separate facility at age 18.

I’m assuming that she’s suggesting that an adult male and any girl of any age cannot sleep in the same room together because the boy will want to become “involved” with the girl. The drive/urge to have sex or—even worse—rape has nothing to do with identity, gender, nor sexuality. She argues that GSUSA has been accepting transgender scouts without letting other families know. Have any sexual incidences involving these transgender scouts occurred since the GSUSA’s new tolerance of gender identity?

  • 5. She argues that GSUSA is allowing transgender people to join Girl Scouts because they care more about “promoting the desires of a small handful of people than it does for [her] safety and the safety of [her] friends and sister girl scouts.”

I forgot that minorities do not matter (please note my sarcasm there). What safety is she talking about? Again, when has her life or any other girl scout’s life been put in danger because a transgender child wanted to be a girl scout?

Let me just clarify that just because you want to do something that we pigeonhole as things done only by members of the opposite sex, does not make you transgender. Transgenderism deals with gender identity which is much deeper and much more complex than a simple “desire.” Desire: the phrase that I believe this girl misuses in the video; as if transgenderism is a choice.

If you ask me, the child shouldn’t even need to identify as a girl to join. The Boy Scouts group may not be as appealing to all boys as the Girl Scouts may be. Should the child simply not join either group because of his or her private parts? Do you want a doctor’s note providing the child’s sex before allowing him or her to join the group? Did anyone check your [I’m addressing girl in the video] private parts to make sure that you were a girl before joining the Girl Scouts?

She blocked off comments to the video, which is probably a good thing seeing as there would most definitely have been angrier responses to the video than this post, but sometimes reading comments of people from the other side might point out the ignorance covering this video. (She’s just a child after all; she doesn’t know any better, and the more she blocks out points of view from the other side, the more she will not know).

So don’t boycott girl scout cookies because of transgenderism. In fact, you should buy them to support it. Vote below and put your opinions on the matter in the comment section below.

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