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A New Birthdate and We’re Getting Bigger!

February 8, 2012

I am extremely sorry for the long delay in the posting of Men of Week 3-5 (And there might be a chance that week 6 will be postponed too. Please don’t hate me). If you’ve been reading my tweets, you know that I spilled apple cider on my laptop two Sundays ago and it’s been at the computer shop 3 hours away ever since. This means that I am making this post in a public library (which also explains why I can’t post the Men of Weeks 3-6 until I get my computer back). I’m going to make this post short and announce that I am combining my general blog “The Infinite Vertices” with  “The Soyez Vous-même Blog (Did I also mention that I changed the name of this blog a little?). So this blog is basically going to be the same, except now I don’t have to separate the general blog posts from the general blog posts. I figured that this blog’s title means “Be Yourself.” It doesn’t just mean be LGBTQI. So I thought by combining the two blogs I could focus more on the broader image self-empowerment and Gorgeousness.

I noticed that I never celebrated The Soyez Vous-même Blog’s birthday so I thought, “Today, February, 8, 2012, is The Infinite Vertices’s birthday and since I’m combining it with this blog, why don’t I make today be The SVM Blog’s birthday?” And there you have it: Today is The SVM Blog’s birthday! Happy Birthday! (and happy birthday to anyone else who is celebrating!) I will keep you posted on the combination, which shouldn’t happen until I get my computer back (hopefully no later than next week).

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