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Three Years!

February 8, 2012

As I promised in my tweets, here is the birthday post. Today marks the third year anniversary of The Infinite Vertices and how do I celebrate it? In a library on my school’s campus. In case you hadn’t been reading my tweets, I accidentally spilled juice on my laptop two Sundays ago, and now it is being determined if the motherboard needs repair or replacement. This means that my posts can’t be in-depth as they usually are, because the computer lab schedules don’t work well with my blogging schedule.

That being said, I bring you interesting news about what’s to come in the near future (when I get my computer back from the computer repair guys). I’ve decided to combine The Infinite Vertices with my LGBTQIA blog “The Soyez Vous-même Blog.” The transition should begin as soon as I get my computer back (sometime next week). What this means is that The Infinite Vertices will still be here, but I will only be posting new posts on The Soyez Vous-même Blog (again: after I get my computer back).

Soyez Vous-même is French for “Be Yourself.” The title was inspired by the French McDonald’s LGBTQIA campaign “Venez Comme Vous Êtes” (Come as you are). So it’s not going to strictly be an LGBTQI blog, it’s going to be a… “Be Yourself” blog, inspiring equality, self-empowerment, and tolerance.

I’m sorry that this post isn’t as in-depth as it could be, but computer labs and class schedules don’t make this easy. I’ll keep you posted (up until I get my computer back).

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, The Infinite Vertices! And happy birthday to anyone celebrating today!

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