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Republican Representative Fights FOR Equality!

February 10, 2012

To me, there are very few things that are better than seeing someone stand up for what is unpopular in his or her party or group because he or she believes it is right. This video shows a Republican Representative giving her point of view on marriage human equality.

You can probably tell by my introduction that she is for equality. I’m sure you know a lot of Republicans/Conservatives who are for marriage equality, but it wasn’t her bold view against her party that caught my eye, it was her stance against double standards. She states that if it weren’t for people from both the majority and the minority standing for what is right, women may not have been able to vote, segregation would still be legal, and many other minorities would be worse off than they are now.

What makes this fight any different than the previous ones? Nothing! Discrimination towards minorities has always been wrong, still is wrong, and will always be wrong!
That is my post for the moment.

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