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Man of Week 4 (Belated). Ryan Sandefur

February 25, 2012

You know how I love my college student models. We have Jameson Arasi with Journalism and History, TJ Thyne and Darren Criss in Theatre (although they aren’t models), and Josh Kloss from Week 3 with Music Performance. Now I bring you Ryan Sandefur who is not only studying Criminal Justice and Personal Training, but is also a former ROTC officer. So let me break this down for you: He’s smart, young, and hot, and to my liking, he’s my age too 😉 . Did I mention that on top of everything else, he’s playing a small role in a 2012 horror film “Drive-In Massacre”? I hope I won’t have to watch him die on-screen. 😥

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