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Man of Week 6 (Belated). Chad White

February 26, 2012

Chad White was my first openly gay crush. When I say “openly” I mean, I knew that I liked him, but I never let anyone else know. And when I say “crush” and “like” I mean that I wished that I actually knew him. He was born in 1985 and grew up with a dream to become a major league baseball player. Unfortunately, overthrowing a pitch in a game caused an injury in his elbow that would put this dream to sleep. He says that he joined the modeling career by accident. He was trying to support his friend and he was asked to model. He said no, but I think we can guess that he changed his mind somewhere down the road, and we thank him for that. He’s a man who plays sports and fights his sweet tooth to look as gorgeous as he does.

One small fact: When he’s not sleeping “nukked” with a special someone in bed, he sleeps in his boxers as he says “little underwear” is too “cramped.” Maybe it’s not the underwear 😉 *

*Courtesy of an interview on Ohlala Mag

That’s enough flirting with my man, here’s Chad White:

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