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Man of Week 10. Benjamin Godfre

March 9, 2012

Our next man of the week has been on my list for quite a while now. I thought that since today is my birthday, it only fit that I posted him today. This is my birthday present to everyone. So I’m sure you know of Benjamin Godfre as I’m sure some of you are his Benjaminions. He started modeling at the age of 12 and now, according to Wikipedia, this 24-year old GODfre 😉 is the CEO of his media production company Benjamin Godfre LLC. Just a few weeks ago, he published his first Magazine “Benjamin Godfre Magazine.” He loves to skateboard and surf as you can learn from his youtube videos.

He’s different from most models that I post in that he seems to have more control over his work. Not too many models run their own website, company, and magazine.

I originally had a video of him explaining his tattoos, but Benjamin contacted me suggesting that I post his newer one.

Hey!! Thanks for promoting me!

That Tattoo youtube video SUCKS!! It’s SOOOOOO OLD! It doesn’t even include my new ones!

HERE use my NEW Tattoo video instead! I just made it!
[The video is posted below]

Thank you!

(in the order in which he remembers he got them):

It’s funny: his Model Mayhem page says that he doesn’t shoot nudes, but if you are a Benjaminion (or have seen ANYthing of Benjamin Godfre), you KNOW that is flat-out not true! Unfortunately, I won’t be posting any of the nude photos. (Got to keep it 18- safe). But feel free to check out this man on his website

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