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Man of Week 11. Tomas Skoloudik

March 14, 2012

I said that this week’s man was between two different men. The funny thing is that I’m posting neither of those two men. There is something about this boy that said “daring.” It was probably the collection of his nude photos, regardless, it drew me into him and I realized that I had seen this 26-year old Czech model. Kenneth Cole is a fashion designer who has recently started his activism campaign “Where Do You Stand” (“AWEARness”) where he takes on controversial issues such as abortion, war, guns, same-sex marriage, and much more. The video that I am about to post features Kenneth Cole models including our Man of Week 11: Tomas Skoloudik. This scene features a sign that used to be my cell phone’s background (until I got a new phone):

Those against same-sex marriage aren’t thinking straight. (Or are they?)

The video involves both gay and straight kisses amongst including a tongue-filled one between Casey Taylor and Tomas Skoloudik.

Perhaps this is what I really liked about this model; he’s very comfortable with his sexuality. I’ve seen some straight models really struggle with LGBT photos, but this seemed so natural. According to a few interviews and biographies, Tomas attended school for business, but then dropped out halfway through his first year due to traveling for his modeling career. He was taking acting classes, but he felt that that industry was too similar to modeling and so he switched to a music career. So be on the lookout for his music.

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  1. Adrian permalink
    June 6, 2013 7:36 am

    Considering that Tomas has done gay porn under the alias Caleb Tucker, I don’t think kissing another is new to him. I think he’s pretty cool nonetheless.


  1. Man of Week 11. Tomas Skoloudik | QClick Radar

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