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Man of Week 12. Marlon Teixeira

March 19, 2012

If you read my tweet (@SoyezVm), you would have known that the Man of Week 12 was unfairly between two Brazilians; unfairly for me, that is. It literally took me two hours to choose between the two. It was so close that we actually might see the runner-up for Week 13. In the meantime, I bring you Marlon Teixeira. This 20-year old boy has pops up everywhere in my blogosphere just about everyday. I approach these models like a crush: You see them all of the time, but you don’t confess your feelings until much later. Everyone has that parent or parent-like figure who has a vision for your future. A lot of times these visions aren’t for you. This is definitely not the case for Marlon, whose grandmother convinced at the age of 16 to start modeling. I think we can all agree that his grandmother knew exactly what she was doing. For a boy who is only months older than I am, he’s really put himself out there. He’s already been voted the top model of Client Magazine, Made In Brazil, and is among the top 50 male models of We can definitely expect to see much more of him in the future.

Watch this Diesel “Fuel for Life” commercial:

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