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Another LGBT Lament

March 28, 2012

I realize that my last Lament was called “Gay Man’s Lament (Reprise)” (it was an elaboration of a Lament I put on the tumblr page), but this post can apply to basically anyone. I just wrote it in my perspective.

I have written multiple times about how it’s difficult to find a potential gay partner because our society causes many of them to go in hiding. Well one thing that rubs me the wrong way is when my friends get upset/annoyed that I keep falling for straight men. I actually find this selfish. As straight people, my friends don’t have to question a person’s sexuality when looking for a partner. It’s out there in the open for all to see. So when I find a guy  (I’ll admit I can be bad sometimes and fall for a guy who is dating a girl), my friends say “I’m pretty sure he’s straight.” What does that mean? Did he tell you he was straight? My argument isn’t that sexuality is not a personality (it isn’t). My argument is that I shouldn’t have to be limited to the guys who are open with their bi- or homosexuality or the guys who are “clearly” gay/bi.

Is this what people call being “realistic?” What is realistic? That I should have to settle for the guy because he looks/acts like he could be bi- or gay. Why can’t I date the athletic guy, who “acts straight” as you guys call it? Unless the guy says he’s straight, I should not have to be told that I can’t pursue him because of his sexuality. That is for him to tell me and no one else.

I honestly can’t write anymore because I’m in a funk due to a straight guy (go figure). Sorry if my last posts were pile of rambling poop. I’ll try better next time 🙂

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