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They Just Won’t Stop

April 20, 2012

I got an email asking me to petition a republican senator’s proposal to have a “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” style policy in the workplace to end workplace discrimination towards LGBTQIA community. How stupid can one senator be? DADT failed miserably in the military, so now you want to bring it to the offices? It’s like having a “War to End All Wars”; Let’s “Oppress to End All Oppression.” You are not helping anyone except your insecurities with that one, I’m afraid so. The thing that utterly annoys me is that, when we get the LGBTQIA community safely and equally respected amongst our society, hatred will just move onto another group of people. I would have said minority group, but women represent the majority of our planet and  yet they haven’t received the equality they deserve to show it. And don’t think racism is out of the picture just because “Separate but Equal” is no longer legal.

Sometimes I want to just sit back and watch society eat itself up. That way when the straight and narrow, White Anglo-Saxon Protestant man realizes the only remaining imperfection on this planet is the prejudiced bigot himself, he will have to discriminate against himself and learn the true power of hate.

That is my rant for the moment.

I have been having an extremely stressful month, so I apologize for leaving you with such a angered post.

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