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Anderson Cooper Comes Out. That Is All.

July 2, 2012

“I’m sorry, but casually interrogating someone over his or her sexual preference seems about as well-mannered as asking a woman who may or may not be pregnant when she is due.” ~Michelle Konstantinovsky- HelloGiggles

So as you may have guessed from the title of this post, Anderson Cooper has indeed come out as gay in a public email to columnist Andrew Sullivan in The Daily Beast. So of course there are (and will be) many articles and news headlines about this man’s sexuality. One article that caught my attention was HelloGiggles’ Michelle Konstantinovsky’s article “Anderson Cooper: ‘The Fact Is, I’m Gay.’ Should It Matter When Celebrities Come Out?” Coming out as a non-heterosexual celebrity leaves a great impact on those struggling with their sexualities, but another person’s sexuality (celebrity or not) is absolutely no one else’s business. Anderson came out because he didn’t want people to think that he was ashamed of his sexuality. I like to look at a celebrity’s coming out as the turning on of a new lightbulb of hope. People used to ask me why people wore ribbons; arguing that they weren’t actually helping a cause. I told them that they are helping a cause; they are spreading hope; they are letting people know that they are not alone in this fight. In a fight for equality our allies are our greatest friends because they show no bias. But when a celebrity or very successful person comes out as non-heterosexual, it shows that being who you are doesn’t have to be a hinderance.

I have two more points to make about this. Prior to quoting Anderson’s email, Andrew Sullivan said that even though it seems that we are less and less shocked to know that someone is non-heterosexual, coming out is still a great deal. And it should be (at least at the current state of our society). This new “normal” experienced with someone’s coming out should not blind society into thinking that everything is okay. We cannot forget that teens bullied with homophobia have a much greater chance of committing suicide than other teens. We cannot forget that same-sex marriage is only a state right in only six states and Washington DC. So kudos to society’s being more acquainted with coming out, but the fight is not over until equality is no longer a dream.

I must admit that I am usually very interested in knowing a celebrity’s sexuality. I usually wikipedia every new celebrity and read the “Personal Life” section to see if anything “promising” pops up. It was different for me with Anderson Cooper. I mean I searched for information related to his sexuality, but I shortly gave up on it. He seemed very adamant on not letting his personal life interfere with his career. Besides, only on a blue moon when the dark side of the moon faced the earth would Anderson and I find ourselves on a date together. It sounds funny, doesn’t it? Honestly, that should be the only reason why I would want to know someone’s sexuality; because I would want to date him. And even if that were truly my dream and it were possible for me to date a celebrity, it still shouldn’t be my business. For those of you who want to argue, “but I only want to know for fun,” or “I only want to know so I can dream about it,” or something along those lines, if you truly wanted to fantasize about a celebrity being gay, you would easily do so regardless of if they came out or not.

What I like about this is that on the same day Andrew Sullivan’s post was made, Anderson gave the news without letting the post effect the show. I’m sure he will make a comment or two about it in the near future, but he is not just a gay person, he is also a journalist who effectively and accurately does his job. Keep it up, Anderson Cooper!

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