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Man of Week 14 (Belated). Caio Cesar

April 7, 2012

When I wrote about Marlon Teixeira, I mentioned that I spent hours debating whether or not I should pick him or another model. They were both just so hot. Then I said that I would possibly post the other model the following week but then I posted Chad White (Man of February 2012). Now I was this close to waiting until next week to post this next model but certain circumstances made it necessary that I post him now. I bring you 24-year old Caio Cesar. You probably know him as the last “The Boy” by Terra before it went down in 2009. Now he has joined Major Models, Ragazzo Model Management , Soul Artist Management, and WhyNot. Here’s a clip from his shoot with Terra “The Boy”:

And here he is with his fellow Made In Brazil Models, including our Marlon Teixeira

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Disregard that Last Post

April 7, 2012

I realized that Man of Week 14 would be eligible for Man of March 2012. So I will be working on bringing him to you today and I will adjust the  Man of Week 15 and the Man of March 2012 accordingly. I’m working on it, I promise!

Don’t Hate Me, But…

April 7, 2012

I will have to wait until next week to post the Men of Week 14 and 15. I would have posted Week 14 today but then I would have to post Week 15 shortly after. I wanted to give them both a week worth of voting so I will post them then together next week and they will have a voting panel similar to the vote for man of February. With that in mind, I will be posting up the Poll for the Man of March 2012 (as it does not require research) and will get back to you shortly.

Another LGBT Lament

March 28, 2012

I realize that my last Lament was called “Gay Man’s Lament (Reprise)” (it was an elaboration of a Lament I put on the tumblr page), but this post can apply to basically anyone. I just wrote it in my perspective.

I have written multiple times about how it’s difficult to find a potential gay partner because our society causes many of them to go in hiding. Well one thing that rubs me the wrong way is when my friends get upset/annoyed that I keep falling for straight men. I actually find this selfish. As straight people, my friends don’t have to question a person’s sexuality when looking for a partner. It’s out there in the open for all to see. So when I find a guy  (I’ll admit I can be bad sometimes and fall for a guy who is dating a girl), my friends say “I’m pretty sure he’s straight.” What does that mean? Did he tell you he was straight? My argument isn’t that sexuality is not a personality (it isn’t). My argument is that I shouldn’t have to be limited to the guys who are open with their bi- or homosexuality or the guys who are “clearly” gay/bi.

Is this what people call being “realistic?” What is realistic? That I should have to settle for the guy because he looks/acts like he could be bi- or gay. Why can’t I date the athletic guy, who “acts straight” as you guys call it? Unless the guy says he’s straight, I should not have to be told that I can’t pursue him because of his sexuality. That is for him to tell me and no one else.

I honestly can’t write anymore because I’m in a funk due to a straight guy (go figure). Sorry if my last posts were pile of rambling poop. I’ll try better next time 🙂

First Impressions

March 28, 2012

It’s been months since I wrote a post not related to models, hasn’t it? Well to ease me back into the writing part of this blog, I bring you this short post:

Most people agree that first impressions can be tough, but I love first impressions—good or bad. Sometimes I get upset learning more about someone, not because I don’t like what I see, but because there is no more mystery. Okay, so I don’t really get upset when I learn about someone, but a part of me realizes that there is one less thing to learn. (Does that make any sense?)

I will say that I get extremely excited when I hear someone sneeze for the first time. There are some people who sneeze, but it feels so natural (as sneezing usually does) that it goes over your head, but then there are some people who sneeze for the first time and leave you bewildered. You probably don’t relate to this and I just sound weird to you, but I thought I throw those little facts about me at you.

Perhaps you don’t feel that for people, but this can also apply to location. For instance, when you drive into a new town, you have no idea where everything is. For me it’s either exciting or terrifying. It’s like you’re on an adventure. But once you start to become familiar with the place that adventure disappears, as you went on that adventure yesterday and the day before then. I try to feed this “need of adventure” by taking a slightly different route home from work.

This is probably why I wanted to go to school at least an hour away from home. There is a pretty nice school by my house but I refused to go to it, because I could walk to it from my house. I’m too familiar with my hometown that I would be bored in days.

Let me just tell you that I am most definitely not the guy who would jump up if someone said “Let’s go on an adventure.” I’ve been told it could be because of anxiety, but I like things planned out. But this urge to learn something new will eventually cause me to find a new mystery.

If you feel the same way, be sure to let me know. I really feel like I’m the only one who thinks this. My brain is weird.

What do you think?

Introducing Man of February 2012: Chad White

March 27, 2012

I must say that the votes for the Man of February 2012 were surprising. For a good amount of the time there was a clear winner and suddenly we had a tie with two completely different people and then finally Chad White jumped in for the kill. So here you have it: Chad White is The Soyez Vous-même Blog’s Man of February 2012.

Because We have a Man of a Month this week, we won’t have a Man of Week 13 :-(. Man of Week 14 will take his place next week.

Man of Week 12. Marlon Teixeira

March 19, 2012

If you read my tweet (@SoyezVm), you would have known that the Man of Week 12 was unfairly between two Brazilians; unfairly for me, that is. It literally took me two hours to choose between the two. It was so close that we actually might see the runner-up for Week 13. In the meantime, I bring you Marlon Teixeira. This 20-year old boy has pops up everywhere in my blogosphere just about everyday. I approach these models like a crush: You see them all of the time, but you don’t confess your feelings until much later. Everyone has that parent or parent-like figure who has a vision for your future. A lot of times these visions aren’t for you. This is definitely not the case for Marlon, whose grandmother convinced at the age of 16 to start modeling. I think we can all agree that his grandmother knew exactly what she was doing. For a boy who is only months older than I am, he’s really put himself out there. He’s already been voted the top model of Client Magazine, Made In Brazil, and is among the top 50 male models of We can definitely expect to see much more of him in the future.

Watch this Diesel “Fuel for Life” commercial:

View More of Marlon Teixeira After The Jump

Man of Week 11. Tomas Skoloudik

March 14, 2012

I said that this week’s man was between two different men. The funny thing is that I’m posting neither of those two men. There is something about this boy that said “daring.” It was probably the collection of his nude photos, regardless, it drew me into him and I realized that I had seen this 26-year old Czech model. Kenneth Cole is a fashion designer who has recently started his activism campaign “Where Do You Stand” (“AWEARness”) where he takes on controversial issues such as abortion, war, guns, same-sex marriage, and much more. The video that I am about to post features Kenneth Cole models including our Man of Week 11: Tomas Skoloudik. This scene features a sign that used to be my cell phone’s background (until I got a new phone):

Those against same-sex marriage aren’t thinking straight. (Or are they?)

The video involves both gay and straight kisses amongst including a tongue-filled one between Casey Taylor and Tomas Skoloudik.

Perhaps this is what I really liked about this model; he’s very comfortable with his sexuality. I’ve seen some straight models really struggle with LGBT photos, but this seemed so natural. According to a few interviews and biographies, Tomas attended school for business, but then dropped out halfway through his first year due to traveling for his modeling career. He was taking acting classes, but he felt that that industry was too similar to modeling and so he switched to a music career. So be on the lookout for his music.

View More Photos of Tomas Skoloudik After The Jump

Vote for The Soyez Vous-Même Blog’s Man of February 2012!

March 11, 2012

So I have been posting very gorgeous men these past few months and I want to know what you think about them. Vote for your The Man of February 2012 Below. Click on the links below the images to see their original posts. (The link only works in gallery view. Click the thumbnail and THEN click the link that pops up.) Because January is too far away from now, I’m going to skip that month. (Perhaps I’ll post that poll later.)

Man of Week 10. Benjamin Godfre

March 9, 2012

Our next man of the week has been on my list for quite a while now. I thought that since today is my birthday, it only fit that I posted him today. This is my birthday present to everyone. So I’m sure you know of Benjamin Godfre as I’m sure some of you are his Benjaminions. He started modeling at the age of 12 and now, according to Wikipedia, this 24-year old GODfre 😉 is the CEO of his media production company Benjamin Godfre LLC. Just a few weeks ago, he published his first Magazine “Benjamin Godfre Magazine.” He loves to skateboard and surf as you can learn from his youtube videos.

He’s different from most models that I post in that he seems to have more control over his work. Not too many models run their own website, company, and magazine.

I originally had a video of him explaining his tattoos, but Benjamin contacted me suggesting that I post his newer one.

Hey!! Thanks for promoting me!

That Tattoo youtube video SUCKS!! It’s SOOOOOO OLD! It doesn’t even include my new ones!

HERE use my NEW Tattoo video instead! I just made it!
[The video is posted below]

Thank you!

(in the order in which he remembers he got them):

It’s funny: his Model Mayhem page says that he doesn’t shoot nudes, but if you are a Benjaminion (or have seen ANYthing of Benjamin Godfre), you KNOW that is flat-out not true! Unfortunately, I won’t be posting any of the nude photos. (Got to keep it 18- safe). But feel free to check out this man on his website

View More of Benjamin Godfre After The Jump

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